The Boost Your Child Needs

An individualized approach for your child’s specific situation, no matter the diagnosis.

“Talk and Play Associates was such a blessing! My son went for Speech and Occupational Therapy for a few years and they were like extended family to us. He greatly benefited from their services and now has confidence in school and is doing great!”

Milana Schaffer

Speech and Language Therapy

Your child has been struggling to communicate—whether they’re unable to speak, not clearly express their wants and needs, or even understand what you are saying to them. This disconnect is fiercely frustrating for both you and your child.

At Talk and Play Associates, we can help assess your child’s needs and create a therapy plan with realistic goals and objectives.

We’ll help assess and address your child’s:


Receptive Language

Your child’s ability to listen to and understand words and phrases

Expressive Language

Your child’s ability to express their thoughts and ideas

Pragmatic Language

Your child’s ability to use language to interact with others

Oral Motor

How well your child uses their lips, tongue and mouth while speaking


How well your child can make speech sounds (e.g. “rabbit” vs “wabbit”)


How well your child’s vocal folds and respiratory system produce sound


Your child’s rhythm and cadence of speech (i.e. stuttering)

Every child is unique! That’s why we’ll create an individualized approach for your child, so they can learn and grow in the exact areas they need.

Occupational Therapy

Your child is struggling with important aspects of childhood. They may lack motor skills for play and self-care, or emotional and mental skills like socializing with other children, behavior, and learning. You’re frustrated and want to make sure your child has the know-how they need to be successful at school and in life.

At Talk and Play Associates, we can evaluate your child’s skills and create a plan with short- and long-term goals.

We’ll assess and address your child’s:



The core skills your child’s brain uses to think and solve problems

Fine Motor Skills

Your child’s grasp on reflexes, motor skills, balance, eye-hand coordination, etc.

Adaptive/Self Help Skills

Your child’s ability to feed and dress themselves, their toilet and other hygiene skills, and their awareness of environmental dangers


Your child’s ability to grasp a pen/pencil, form letters, spacing, and page orientation


Sensory Integration

Your child’s ability to orient to and process sensation from the body and environmental stimuli

Together, we’ll help your child develop the underlying sensory and motor foundations they need to develop skills and create strategies and adaptations they need to succeed in daily life.