Welcome to Talk and Play Associates!

Welcome to Talk and Play Associates

Welcome to Talk and Play Associates!  Our practice is committed to providing the highest quality speech, language, and occupational therapies for children.  All therapists are certified and licensed in their area of practice.  You can be confident that we are regularly participating in continuing education opportunities and keeping up with research so we can provide your child with therapy that is evidence-based and effective.

We are committed to a being a family-centered practice.  We honor parents as a child’s first and most influential interaction partner and we want you to be part of the therapy process!  There are a number of ways we involve families – your therapist(s) can discuss with you the ways in which you can best support the work we do and create learning opportunities for your child at home and throughout your day.

About me:  I earned my Master’s degree from Idaho State University and began my professional career as a private contractor providing services in home health, long-term care, rehabilitation, behavioral, and private pediatric settings.  In addition, I had the opportunity of working as a Clinical Instructor at Idaho State University where I trained and supervised graduate student in their clinical experience in the university’s Communication Preschool program.  Although I am qualified to work with a variety of patient types, my passion is working with children and their families.

It is my privilege to currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Speech, Language and Hearing Association.

My husband, John, and I have been married for…well…a really long time.  We have had the privilege of raising two amazing children, Madi, 24, and Nick, 19.  If you spend time in our clinic, you may see one or all of them stopping by from time to time.

Talk and Play Associates consider it an honor to serve your child.  We hope this is evident in our interactions with you and the quality of care we provide.  Thank you for trusting us with what you value most.

Pam Mayer, MS, CCC-SLP

Owner, Talk and Play Associates, LLC

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