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Ipad and Pediatric Speech Language Occupational Therapy

The use of iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch applications (apps) has become very popular since Apple launched the App Store in 2008. As this technology has become increasingly available to a variety of populations, we are seeing increasingly more children using apps for both educational and play purposes.  Parents ask us frequently for information on apps that are well-designed and fun.  We have created a specific page on our website that provides summaries and links for a variety of apps we recommend.  You’ll find it under “Resources”; choose “Guide to Special Needs Apps”.

An app developer receiving high praise in technical and educational fields is Toca Boca.  Toca Boca is a Swedish, family-owned company designing apps aimed at children ages preschool through early grade school.  Their apps are brightly colored, full of smiling faces and encourage kids to use their imagination.  There are language learning opportunities embedded in each app such as sequencing, following directions, and cause and effect.  On our web page you’ll find links for Toca Train, Toca House, and Toca Tea Party.  All Toca Boca apps are available through the Apple App Store and are inexpensive.  Often, specific apps are offered for free.  Happy App-ing!

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