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Our practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality speech, language, and occupational therapies for children and their families. We are committed to a being a family-centered practice. We honor parents as a child’s first and most influential interaction partner and we want you to be part of the therapy process! There are a number of ways we involve families - contact us today and we can discuss the ways in which we can serve you and your child.

How Purposeful Play Promotes Literacy

In recent years, a cultural shift has occurred which emphasizes the promotion of ealry literacy skills. TV shows such as Word Girl, Super Why! and Sesame Street are increasingly exposing children to skills such as rhyming, letter/sound naming and identification, sound segmenting and b
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Your Child and Sleep

The National Center on Sleep Disorders Research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has found a whole host of problems for children (and adults) that are associated with inadequate sleep. Their recommendations are that children ages 5-12 should be getting 10-11 hours of sleep p
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