10 Reason You Should Read to Your Kids; Part 1

We all know that reading to our children is a good thing.  There is no better way to create a personal interaction between parent and child? But, did you also know that reading to your children, particularly at young ages, can boost intelligence and learning potential?  In this blog,
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What’s the Most Complex Everyday Human Behavior?

Bill and Rich Sones, Ph. D., are coauthors of the widely-distributed newspaper column “Strange, But True.” Over the past several years, they’ve gathered together thousands of questions and have diligently tracked down the scientific research that answers them. The fo
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Bubbles: Fun and Educational!!

Research from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom revealed a clear link between a toddler’s ability to perform mouth movements required for lip licking and bubble blowing and the ability to acquire and develop language (Alcock, 2006). Researchers looked at 120 toddlers and stud
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National Occupational Therapy Month

April is National Occupational Therapy Month. The theme for 2013 is Living Life To Its Fullest. Occupational Therapists (OTR) and Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA) assist their clients in participating in things they want and need to do in their everyday environments. For childre
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How Purposeful Play Promotes Literacy

In recent years, a cultural shift has occurred which emphasizes the promotion of ealry literacy skills. TV shows such as Word Girl, Super Why! and Sesame Street are increasingly exposing children to skills such as rhyming, letter/sound naming and identification, sound segmenting and b
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Your Child and Sleep

The National Center on Sleep Disorders Research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has found a whole host of problems for children (and adults) that are associated with inadequate sleep. Their recommendations are that children ages 5-12 should be getting 10-11 hours of sleep p
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Ipad and Pediatric Speech Language Occupational Therapy

Tech Talk

The use of iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch applications (apps) has become very popular since Apple launched the App Store in 2008. As this technology has become increasingly available to a variety of populations, we are seeing increasingly more children using apps for both educational an
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Your peschooler and TV

Your Preschooler and TV

In recent years, studies in the fields of Child Development, Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Education have shown that a child’s exposure to TV is linked with slower language learning because it tends to take the place of conversation time between adults and children.  It ha
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Welcome to Talk and Play Associates

Welcome to Talk and Play Associates!

Welcome to Talk and Play Associates!  Our practice is committed to providing the highest quality speech, language, and occupational therapies for children.  All therapists are certified and licensed in their area of practice.  You can be confident that we are regularly participating i
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