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Our practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality speech, language, and occupational therapies for children and their families. We are committed to a being a family-centered practice. We honor parents as a child’s first and most influential interaction partner and we want you to be part of the therapy process! There are a number of ways we involve families - contact us today and we can discuss the ways in which we can serve you and your child.

10 Reason You Should Read to Your Kids; Part 1

We all know that reading to our children is a good thing.  There is no better way to create a personal interaction between parent and child? But, did you also know that reading to your children, particularly at young ages, can boost intelligence and learning potential?  In this blog,
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What’s the Most Complex Everyday Human Behavior?

Bill and Rich Sones, Ph. D., are coauthors of the widely-distributed newspaper column “Strange, But True.” Over the past several years, they’ve gathered together thousands of questions and have diligently tracked down the scientific research that answers them. The fo
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